What’s In My Bag?

I’ve seen other people make this post and I always enjoy them because I’m super nosy. It’s interesting to see what people’s must-haves are when it comes to what they carry in their bag. I decided to write my own because I like the idea, and also because (I’ll be honest) I’m having some pretty terrible writer’s block lately. I want to post something but haven’t really got any idea what. Life is quiet at the moment, so opportunities to write about things are sparse. So here’s my total-filler post – What’s In My Bag?

what's in my bag

The Bag

I have many bags, but the one I use the most is this tiny satchel-like thing. I bought it from New Look about 3-4 years ago, to replace a bag that was similar. It’s surprising how much actually fits into this bag, considering how small it is.


One of the most important things to have in a bag. Have you ever forgotten your keys? It’s horrifying! I especially like my keyrings. The one with theatre-themed charms and a small replica of the Sydney Opera House was bought for me by my Mum at – you guessed it!! – the Sydney Opera House. The tiny plush shark is from SeaLife in Berlin, and the London bus was bought at Paperchase because I love London. I have more keyrings, but it seems a bit over the top to add all of them when I only have four keys!


Arguably the second most important bag item. The place where all the money happens (or lack of money in my case). Mine is by Banned Apparel, and I bought it in 2012, during my second year of university. It’s held up pretty well in the last five years, though it is starting to fall apart a bit. You can’t really tell unless you see the inside. The bones on the outside glow in the dark, which has startled me more times than I care to admit.


Essential when, like me, you spend your life on public transport and the sound of people being loud and horrid annoys you to no end.

Pass Case

Another Paperchase item (there are a lot in my bag). I needed a cute case to contain my bus pass and Oyster card, because I have no room left in my purse to hold them. This one was perfect. It’s also easier to pull out of my bag and use on public transport without having to get out my purse and faff around for an age.

Chewing Gum

I always carry gum, even though I don’t often chew it.

Hand Sanitiser

Not just ANY hand sanitiser. This is ‘Hand Maid‘ by Soap & Glory i.e. the BEST hand sanitiser ever. It smells really nice, unlike most. The particular variety currently in my bag is the ‘Sugar Crush’ scent, though I do have a backup bottle in the original scent. I got into the habit of carrying hand sanitiser back in uni because I spent a lot of time in London and, no matter what you do, you always end up being filthy from the Tube.


It’s a Jelly Belly cherry-flavoured lipbalm. I think I got it for £1 in Primark, but it’s delicious and good in a pinch. I keep my ‘real’ lipbalm, with SPF protection and all the rest of it, at home.

Hand Cream

Another beautiful Soap & Glory product – ‘Hand Food‘. My hands get really dry, especially at work, so I like having some moisturiser in my bag.

Mini Tin

‘BAM!’ PAINKILLERS. That’s what this little Paperchase mini tin contains. Because of my bad knees and general achiness if I overdo things, I’m quite often in pain. I’m very prone to headaches too, so it’s useful to have painkillers on me. I try not to take pills unless I absolutely have to, but there’s nothing worse than needing them when you’re out. I also like to have them in case other people need them – rescuing people from imminent pain feels great! I put the painkillers in a little tin because it looks a bit nicer than having a blister pack just sat in your bag for people to judge.


I keep two pens in my bag. One fancy Paperchase one, which I use when I’m showing off. The other is a trusty Bic biro (always the best quality biro in my opinion), just in case the Paperchase one runs out suddenly.

Shopping Bag

These have been so useful since England implemented the 5p charge for plastic bags (gasp). Again, this is from Paperchase (and it matches my little pass case!). I have a few of these shopping bags, but this is the one that happened to be in my bag when I took the photo for this post.

Well, don’t you feel enlightened? Just a note: My bag usually contains a bunch of rubbish, but I tidied it up before I took the photo for this post. Or, you know, the entire photo would have been overtaken by piles of screwed up paper.

What’s in your bag? What can’t you leave the house without? Let me know!

Kayleigh x