Valentine’s Pink Velvet Cake!

pink velvet cake

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now, I don’t actually have a Valentine this year (and haven’t had one since 2012), which is outrageous considering how amazing I am at baking. Instead, I just baked this for my family and friends to enjoy. A super-girly spin on the classic red velvet cake, I wanted to make a pink velvet because a) it’s so much brighter and cuter and b) unlike a red velvet cake, it doesn’t call for cocoa powder in the recipe. I’ve vowed off of chocolate this year, so I’m trying to make recipes that I can partake in. Something that cannot be said for the beautiful raspberry brownie cake I made my brother for his 20th birthday – I just had to watch everybody else enjoy that one. I’m still not over it.

pink velvet full cake

As you can see, I decorated according to the occasion using Love Hearts as well as freeze-dried strawberry, silver balls, and tiny marbled heart sprinkles. However, this is a great recipe that doesn’t have to be exclusive to Valentine’s Day! Do you have a friend who loves the colour pink? Make ’em a pink velvet for their birthday! Are you hosting an event for Breast Cancer Awareness? Pink velvet cake! Are you simply adorable and cooking up something tasty for a tea party with your cute friends? Pink. Velvet. Cake. It’s so versatile, and I daresay you could even go mad and change the colour. How about a blue velvet cake? A black velvet cake? Or a rainbow marbled velvet cake?? The possibilities are endless!

The reason velvet cake is so fab is because of its glorious texture, which I think is caused by the buttermilk in the recipe (although I could be wrong – I don’t claim to be an expert, just a really really good baker). It’s dense but not overly so, with a real melt in the mouth feel to it. ‘Velvet’ is a very apt description. This one was definitely a big success. I say this because it disappeared very quickly.

pink velvet slice

If you’re looking for a recipe for this pretty cake, I originally wrote it up on my baking blog, Sugar Induced Coma. I had made it for my sister-in-law’s birthday. As you can see in that post as well as this one, only the inside of the cake actually resembles the colour pink. This time I’d hoped it would be different as I used ‘professional’ paste food colouring rather than gel. It worked wonders when I made red velvet, but this fell really flat and I was totally disappointed. I don’t feel like the cake looks anywhere near as bright and cute as I wanted it to. Maybe I need a darker shade of pink. Either way, I’m hacked off because I paid out £3.50 for a small pot of that paste. You live and you learn, though. At least it tasted bloody delicious.

I hope everyone’s having as good of a day as they can, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s or not. If you’ve made a sweet treat for today, please tell me about it! I want to see what cute stuff other people are coming up with. Don’t limit it to baking either – maybe you handmade a card, or crafted a cute gift, or cooked a lovely meal. In any case, I want to hear about it. Drop a comment and have a chat!

Kayleigh x

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