My Bucket List

Have you got a bucket list?

I find having one is a really great way to document all the cool things you want to experience in life. It gives you a starting point, so you can work towards the things that will fulfill you. I only started seriously thinking about creating a bucket list when I turned 18 (i.e. when I became a Proper Adult), but of course I’d always had idle dreams about the sorts of things I wanted to achieve. There is SO much I want to do and see before I die, and keeping them all in one list allows me to keep track of them.

I have a travel bucket list in the form of my ridiculously extensive Wanderlust page on this blog. To put it shortly (I forgive you if you don’t want to wade through all of that), I want to go everywhere up to and including Mars. I also have what’s called a ‘reverse bucket list’, which is stuff that used to be here on the bucket list, that I’ve now already achieved. Maybe I’ll post that some time – it’s not as extensive though. Keeping track of the things you’ve done is also a really good thing, because you can remind yourself of all the great things you’ve experienced and achieved.

Of course, this list will forever expand as I think of new things I’d like to do. It will also (very rarely) get smaller, as I hopefully tick off the things I experience.

bucket list

The List:

See the Aurora Borealis
Write a book
Buy a house
Study criminal psychology
Shoot a firearm
Learn to play the piano
Kiss Oscar Wilde’s tombstone
Gamble in Las Vegas
Look through a NASA telescope
Be fluent in German
Attend a film premiere
Go to midnight Mass
Stay overnight in a haunted building
View an autopsy
Climb a mountain
Ride a camel in the desert
Visit a ghost town
Act in the theatre
Go in a submarine
Go in a shark cage
Swim with Great White sharks
Go in a hot air balloon
Learn to drive
Go to a festival
See crop circles
Take part in a seance
Go to the circus
Learn to dance
See a volcanic eruption
Go stargazing
Explore an abandoned building
Be on a jury in court
Go to a fashion show
Audition for a TV show or film
Work in a funeral home
Stay in an ice hotel
See a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe
Own an instant camera
Ride an elephant
Sit outside Whitby Abbey at night
See the Turin shroud
Learn to ice-skate properly
Float on the Dead Sea
Have a bonfire on the beach
Go deep-sea diving
Learn to ride a motorcycle
Roast marshmallows on an active volcano
Have my portrait painted
Eat in an underwater restaurant
Chase a tornado
Have a wine cellar
Ride a ferris wheel
Participate in a Zombie Walk
Go in a helicopter
Learn Astronomy
Go wine-tasting at a vineyard
Watch turtles hatching
Attend a masquerade ball
Study Thanatology

What’s On Your List?

Has my bucket list given you any new ideas? Are any of your must-do things on this list? Tell me what’s on your bucket list in the comments – you might even give me some more ideas!

Kayleigh x